Friday, December 31, 2010

going hard to do

So yes, i'm on my search for a digital camera, again.
The G12 is sooo lovely... but remembering what i read
on the lomo site before, the best camera is the one that
you carry ard with you the most. So considering the
weight and bulk of the G12... i had to sadly forget it.

I don't want any of those flashy cool looking main stream
digital cameras either. I want something that looks like
my LCA. Black... retro... and if it smells like grandma's
basement, all the better. My LCA still smells like that.
So i'm looking at the Ricoh GR-21 and the Panasonic
DMC-LX5. The Panasonic has a Leica lens :) i think
i'll get the Panasonic over the Ricoh. But it doesn't have all
those fun scenes that the new mainstreams have... like the
miniature look. I would love vignettes too... arghhhh....
i want lomo effects on a digital.

For now the camera on my iPhone is doing a great job.
What with the awesome Hipstamatic app! But i dont want to
use it for photo taking on trips. So the search continues...
wish me luck :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

grandma got inked

sis n i got creative one evening

so grandma got inked

while the ink of the 'tattoo' i drew on her cast was drying,
grandma said she wanted to go to bed. I told her gently,
"Mama, the ink isn't dry yet. Wait a while. When it's dry,
you can go to bed. Ok?" She nodded. Then switched her sleepy
glance to the tv :D


So... *Bag-teria* is over. The animation looked
rather scarce on the big screen... and i squirm and wince
when i saw that my name was the only one that appeared
under animation for the credits...and when people come
up to me and praise me for the animation. I only did the
minor parts. The cool parts were by Mike :P yea... so i
really shouldn't take all the credit.

The year end party for the worship pillar is over. The decor
didn't turn out as i wanted. The tinsel looked quite bad
hung between the pillars... Somehow it looked...erm...
bad. Saving grace, someone suggested to wrap it round
the pillars instead. So that's what we did. Then we had the
letters YEAP drawn on coloured paper, cut out from paper...
then strung and stuck at various places around the venue.
It was fun. But the fact that the decor sucked, in my opinion,
i was pretty disappointed... and upset. Sigh... But that night,
no one seemed to notice the decor or commented on it. So
that was good. I learnt a lesson. All the planning in the world
can't get you ready for the real thing. You have to plan and
still be ready for sh*t. And you have to be flexi... if things
don't work out, don't beat yourself up over it or give up
totally. I almost gave up if not for my bunch of helpers. To
them, heaps of thanks and love. And i fear to admit that i'm
a perfectionist in the art dept. Reading and seeing so much
on all those decor and craft blogs get to me. But now i know,
those looks require lots of work and are high cost.... if not
high cost, they still require LOADS of work... so i just need
to chill sometimes. Let it go... just have fun. SIGH...

So yes, all those planning and brain wrecking and work is
over... and everything will die down. and slow down... a new
year is ahead. Everything will be *new*. Start over. Who knows,
the madness will return, but i think i'm made readier for it.
So, 2011.... bring it on :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

*Bag-teria* the works

the crew has been hard at work!!! It's going to be great!!!
I'm super excited abt the whole production now. Before
i only hear abt what happens at rehearsals from my sisters
who are in the props dept. Today i went down to kay poh
and boy am i proud to be part of this!!! I've been working
on my animation from home and never really knew how
the animation would fit in with the actors and dancers,
sound and music. Today i saw it come together... i can only
say WOW... So... *Bag-teria* is running for 3 days, 23rd- 25th
december. If you are curious and would like to come, i can
help get you tickets :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

cheering up

so i managed to squeeze in time to cheer up the cheer...
My cousins n aunts came over for brunch, which lasted
till dinner. While sitting ard chatting, they helped me
punch circles from mahjong paper and stick them to
thread to make garlands. A huge thanks to them!!!
Where was i you ask. I was working on the last bit of
animation for the upcoming Bag-teria production in
church. Didn't get to do much though, but i did block out
the poses n timing. I started wrapping gifts too. But only
managed 3. Will work on it the next few days. The cookies
were baked by Xy and Py last night. Yummy stuff! They
were giving them away as gifts.

i can't believe Christmas is almost here. The year has
gone by super fast. At church they've announced the time
and venue for dawn prayer on the 1st of Jan. Goodness...
i still remember attending dawn prayer on the 1st of Jan
this year! 2010... it's almost done... oh boy.

Friday, December 17, 2010



what i saw today

christmas shopping

i got a sunburn walking down Orchard Rd...


i wake every morning looking like that

Green tea powder: Nippon love from Jen

Tokyo Banana n Sakura+green tea KitKat: Nippon love fr Jen

Thursday, December 16, 2010


ahhhh... M1 cut my line, at last. Hah!
i've delayed it long enough. So after my
last minute Christmas shopping i hopped,
no hulled my shopping n myself over to
Paragon. Why Paragon you ask. Cos
at Paragon you don't need to have your
bill to pay. Yea... The guy with Lavender tinted
hair who sat beside me in queue kept
dozing off. He was #1052.

Christmas prep

@ 1:30am last night

Jo Jo baby joins in

i feel it needs more tinsel. Rework tonight

Monday, December 13, 2010

year end party!!!

venue to doll up

so i met the boss this morning... (Dave C. :P) had breakfast
then headed over to Fort Canning to check out our party
venue. HUGE area ok... i'm so glad we checked it out.
From the floor plan i was provided with, i could only make
out a straight forward room. Now i see 5 pillars. And it's
too big a room for handmade garlands or bunting. If i did
make any, it would look super sparse. So it's going to be
store-bought stuff... sadly. After taking photo after photo,
imagining in my head how i wanted it to look, we headed
down to Far East Plaza to check out decor... and door gifts.
No luck there. So... i'll have to do more sourcing. But, i
think it'll be easy la. The decor i mean. Got leads to the
stores that were once at the Concourse. Thanks Sarah!

DIY fever

i would really love to make a garland to decorate the
home. Do i have time? I... WILL... make time for it. Yes.
It's time i get to do something for myself. Heh... So yes.
I'm going to get myself some circle punches. A few
sheets of paper, hmm i haven't decided on the colours yet.
It'll be soooo fun. And when it's done, it'll be sooo
pretty. I bet mum will say "Aiya... no need la." But will
i care? Of course not. I'll maybe make enough to
decorate the lift lobby. Yea, tt'll be nice. And if i have
more time, i'll do a wreath. This one. It'll be perfect...
And if i have more time, i'll do one for the control room
in church. yeaaa...


thanks Dave... :) amazing stuff...





Songwriter: Sidney Mohede & Kenny Goh

Saturday, December 11, 2010

today, my hairdresser got creative

my recent haircut reminded me of what my piano
teacher once said to me . "Look at your hair..." she said,
tapping at the reflection on the piano.

"Did you comb your hair?". i nodded. then mumbled,
"Then why so messy?"
"My hair is like that one."

my dad's reaction to my haircut wasn't positive either.
"Don't you know your hair curls up into a mess when
it's short? Aiyoooo!!!"

i had it better at work. Words like "hot, model, babe"
came out. i would like to think they were sincere. ha!

i guess i looked better at work...

i was asked why the drastic change... Well, it was simple.
I told my hairdresser i was bored with my hairstyle. So he
suggested i cut it short. I trust the guy with my hair. He
was the only hairdresser who dared give me bangs.
The others before him said it wasn't possible cos of my naturally
curly hair. but Barry said, why not?! So this time, when he
suggested what he did, i thought, why not. Let's do it.
I got scared though, seeing the long tufts of hair fall around
me. I still wasn't convinced after it was done. But it grew on
me and i started to love it. It's the shortest i've ever chose
to have my hair done. So here goes. Bracing myself for
reactions of people in church tomorrow.

i hope you'll know...

just a few moments ago, someone said something that
sent me back to a deep dark hole i had forgotten about.
I had struggled out of it, and had hoped to put it behind me.
But those piercing words smeared the filth from the hole
across my face.

its pull was strong. in that hole, i was inferior. I was insecure.
in that hole, i felt left out, that i will not match up. the tears
almost came but i refused to succumb. I've come so far.
I've killed all those demons. It wasn't too long ago that i
stabbed the last blood sucking vamp in the heart with a
stake. I will not allow them to resurrect.

i know where i stand now. i must not forget the victories.
i hope you do not mouth them again, cos i might start
wishing you away. And i don't think i want to feel that way.
i hope you'll know.


best movie of the year... oh yeaaa...thanks Kenny :)

Friday, December 10, 2010


with the funky chef

rough cuts


super rough blocking for the upcoming Christmas production in church.
Curious? Come watch

Bagheads to the End. 
23-25th Dec. 
Covenant EFC, Woodlands centre. 

Let me know if you'd like to come!!! I'll get you tickets!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


watching this tonight... *excited* Heard it's good.
Thanks to buddies who avail themselves at short
notice so i didn't have to watch it alone.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i wish someone would take me to see the lights...

Sunday, December 5, 2010


ok... my Flash just crashed... >___<

when i animate characters, i have this really
bad habit of not saving. I get too engrossed.
Totally sucked in. 3Ds Max has autoback...
Flash doesn't. SO... when the beach ball
appeared, i had a sinking feeling in the tummy.
i couldn't look. When i did, flash had crashed,
sunk into the depths along with my animation.
I WAS ALMOST DONE!!!! The first draft is always
the best... that's what i think. Ok, only for certain
shots... OH HELP... well... pray for me. I need to
get this animation done by tomorrow. It's the
full dress rehearsal tomorrow evening. So i
really... really... need... to... get... it.... ouuuutttt.


i've got a long list this time... aiyooo!!! This isn't
a wishlist of things tt i want pple to get me...
It's stuff i'm getting myself. And i can only get
one item on the list. So hard ok. A Canon S95,
Wayfarers, new glasses, Birkenstocks, Wacom
tablet... decisions decisions... but i think i've made
up my mind. So i'm going shopping :D

Saturday, December 4, 2010

that time of year, again!

oh wow, it's that time of year again. The gels come out,
the SPI belts, champion-chips, shoelaces, sweet potatoes,
chicken, pasta, Vaseline.... But i'm missing out on the
action :( *sniff* the route this year is soooo good lor..
plus they are switching on the christmas lights along
orchard rd just for the 42k-ers... This year, only half my
family is running. Dad for 42k, Yy and Xy for 21k. Mum
will head down to the finishing line after church to wait
for dad to finish. City Hall will be crawling with runners.
MAN... i really wish i were going. But hey, there's
something i should really be grateful for. I didn't sign up
for the marathon cos i feared i'll still be sick. But what do
you know, the Lord was merciful... i'm healed! sooo...
no complains. shhhhh... be grateful. All the best to everyone
who's running. GAMBATTE!!!! :D


both grannies of mine are in hospital. One down with fever and
low levels of potassium. The other with a fractured lower limb.
Paternal granny climbed off her bed in the middle of the night
and fell. She had been complaining of pain her in right leg,
grimacing every time it was moved or touched. Girl from Gong
examined her leg and advised for her to be sent to hospital.
I'm more worried for maternal granny though. A fever means
infection somewhere. The low levels of potassium renders her
giddy... sigh.

Friday, December 3, 2010

a reminder

you know, it wasn't too long ago that i was so sick, i
couldn't leave the house. I met up with someone yesterday.
She was one who helped me when i was ill. She poured
expensive oils on me, massaged them into my broken and
sick skin. Not once, but many times, for free. And with
tonnes of love. Upon seeing how well i've healed, she
threw her arms up in the air, praising God for His mercy
and healing upon me. Then she cried tears of joy. It was
only then did i realise the full extent of my illness.

I was just chatting with my sister last night, telling her how
surprise i was at how i looked in pictures taken when i was
ill. I looked like a burn victim, but i didn't feel as bad as i
looked. I really thank God for that. Cos if i was affected by
the way i looked, it would have dented my spirit much more.
It was such a journey... One that i will never forget. The other
day walking home, i suddenly recalled those days of slathering
honey over my skin in place of soap. It hurt like hell. The
frustration and discomfort didn't help. Upon the recollection
i teared... Fear gripped me... But it will not take hold of me.
It will not hold me ransom.

these was taken when my illness was
at its worst. I lost so much weight
although i was eating a lot. I guess
the state of my skin doesn't need
further explanation. I thought i would
post this so that those who wondered
where i disappeared to during those
months would know that it was
impossible to meet with them. (Not that i
want to prove anything.) And that
everyone would see God's grace and 
mercy and miracle when they see me now.

happy friday pple!

let your hair down and party. It's friday. Have fun!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

these days...

woke up one morning to find her peering down at me

the cutest baby came to visit!

kim chi fried rice by Girl from the Gong

honey mustard chicken. thanks cuz, i feel the love <3

girl from the Gong

butter tosai *yums*

so the girl from the Gong is back. We went for
supper after meeting her at the airport. Over tea,
bandung, pratas, tosais, the cousins and aunts and
uncles caught up with each other. It was a lovely
time. I wish we could do this more often. I love
family get together-s.


Spanish food! 

woo flames of passion...

Cocina: Kitchen of Passion
287 Tanjong Katong Road 437070
for reservations: 6 348 0508

i would strongly recommend the mushrooms in cream
sauce, lamb racks done medium rare and mango chicken.
Last i went, cocktails were one for one. The chef has
amazing hair :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i visited my maternal grandma (por por)@ the old folk's
home today. It's been a while since i've seen her.
When mum, sis and i walked into her room, her face
lit up, her mouth an open smile. It was so good to
see her. She's the cutest old lady i know. Really.
Her laughs are chuckles. When i count to take a
picture of her, she'll continue to count to 6, much to
everyone's amusement. And she loves it. She's still
pretty alert. Remembers our names, how we're related.
And that is very precious to me. Cos my paternal
grandma can't remember who we are even though she
lives with us.

I took pictures of por por, a few videos. I wanted to
remember her. I showed her pictures of my cats, of
my sisters. She asked if we all had boyfriends, or any
of us were getting married. That always breaks my
heart. I wished for her to be at my wedding. Really.
I doubt i'd make it in time to have her at my wedding...
and i'm pretty sad about that.

Time came to leave... but i couldn't bear to. All this time
we've been holding hands, por por and i. I couldn't bear
to release her hand from mine. When mum announced we
were leaving, she said, "oh, so fast?" man... i wished
i could stay longer with her. But i had to go to work...
I gave her a hug then left. As i walked out, my eyes
teared a bit. I love her dearly...

After the funerals of my grandads, i know how it happens.
We will be called to their bedsides. They will breathe
their last then there will be tears. The funeral arrangements
made in a room nearby. The people from the casket
company will come and collect the body. Then the wake
takes place. You see your loved one in the box. All waxed
up... Eyes close. Hands clasped. Then all you have are
memories. And the pictures. And if you're lucky, videos.
Then you remember their love.

Monday, November 22, 2010

grandma says

mum: ah mah, would you like soup noodles or dry?

grandma: both

me: *gangsta*


a friend's uber cute kid

and He met me

this sunday, i attended church at the other centre in
the west. And the different environment did good for me.
I wasn't distracted by the camera framing, i wasn't
distracted by crew movement. (although i'd admit i did wonder
if they had a fader... cos the shot transitions were choppy :P)

I was able to really soak in the moments. Really worship. Close
my eyes... not worry if someone would need my attention. It was
all His. And tune my ears to Him. And yes, just as He was
always there, He met me. And it brought tears to the eyes.
"Thank You..."

It was good to catch up with old friends too... Pple i
haven't been able to meet since the church became
1 church 2 centres. Really really good to see them again.


H&M is coming to our little island!!! :D
(silently pumps fist in air)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


"She waited for the train to pass. Then she said, "I sometimes think that 
people’s hearts are like deep wells. Nobody knows what’s at the bottom. 
All you can do is imagine by what comes floating to the surface every 
once in a while."

— Haruki Murakami (Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman)

not focusing very well today... something has been
tugging at my heart strings   o__<

thanks Roger... you're a darling and an auntie killer

Monday, November 15, 2010


be still.

Just let me say how much I love You
Let me speak of Your mercy and grace
Just let me live in a shadow of Your beauty
Let me see You face to face

And the earth will shake as Your Word goes forth
And the heavens will tremble and fall
But let me say how much I love You
Oh my Savior, my Lord and Friend

Just let me hear Your finest whispers
As You gently call my name
And let me see Your power and Your glory
Let me feel Your spirit's flame

Let me find You in the desert
Till this sand is holy ground
And I am found completely surrendered
To You my Lord and Friend

"So let me say how much I love You
With all my heart I long for You
For I am caught in this passion of knowing
This endless love I've found in You

And the depth of grace, the forgiveness found
To be called a child of God
Just makes me say how much I love You
Oh my Savior, my Lord and Friend (x2)

Just makes me say how much I love You
Oh my Savior, my Lord and Friend"

---> this song found me in silence... and it made
me realise how long it's been since i've quietened
my heart to hear His whispers... How long it's been
since i've been still, waiting for His words to fill
my heart.

Sundays are now a flurry of activity for me...Taking
note of Standard Operating Procedures for the video
crew. Learning the ropes... Making sure instructions
get passed down to the crew. Taking note of the manpower
we have for that sunday. So even though i'm there in
person, it's hard to listen to the sermon, or worship fully.
Cos soon someone will tap you on the shoulder to ask a
question or favour. Or i'll have to attend to some glitch
or something. I think i must learn to guard my time.
I guess i can steal some time away to worship since there
are 2 church services. Not stand near the control room
when i'm not needed. Something like that.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

counting my blessings

you know, watching Renovaid on Channel 5 is quite
a wake-up call to really count my blessings. This 18 yr
old girl gave up her studies and got a job to support
her siblings. Her home is a dilapidated 3 room flat with
only one bed. When asked who amoung the 7 pple in
the house gets to sleep on it, she said, "First come, first

Then i look at my life... i've never been in want. I've got
my own bed. I've got the means to watch a movie and
shop now and then. I've got a job... The place i call home,
although i don't have my own 'space', it's clean and things
function. And it's pretty too :) so hey, what's there to
complain about... what more could i ask for...

A friend shared her testimony in church today. She
said, "....Looking at friends travel whenever and
wherever they wanted, and i couldn't. Buying what they
wanted, and i couldn't. Then God spoke to me through
a verse. That He will supply all my need according to His
riches in glory by Christ Jesus. He is Jehovah Jireh. My
Provider. " (loosely quoted) I was so blessed by her
testimony. Indeed, He is Jehovah Jireh... What an assurance,
what blessedness...


"Memories are what warm you up from the inside. 
But they're also what tear you apart."

— Haruki Murakami (Kafka on the Shore)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

these days

currently working on the animated segment of a play
that will happen over Christmas. It's been a while since
i've animated anything. (work isn't really what i'd call
animation). Time is running out and i'm getting a little
anxious. I only have weekends to work on it so not much
time, i have till 6th dec. I knew i just had to really get down
to doing it and it'll pan out ok (fingers crossed).

i've managed to find a sweet spot to work in at last. Posture
was good, i didn't feel claustrophobic. i was comfy. Ever
since grandma and helper moved in, i don't have a space
to call my own so the conditions weren't very conducive
to productivity. So i'm really glad i found a spot and i managed
to sit here for 4hrs straight. YAY!!! i get distracted easily. Esp
by hunger *sigh*...

so yes, the progress is slow but good. Pray for me. That i'll
finish it in time. And in the process, find gems of lessons.
All for His glory. yes yes... For Him.

And oh, my right thumb and wrist aren't doing well. As you
might know i injured it while i was sick so it was further
aggravated by the constant use of the mouse. Fortunately i
managed to loan a tablet. (my old one died... need funds
to get a new one). Pray that the hand holds up till this project
is done. Don't worry abt me not taking breaks though, my
tummy has been tasked with that. haha!!!

won over

ahh, i'm so glad i was sort of persuaded to watch
Megamind. At first, the trailer and title put me off.
Thinking, "not another super hero animated feature..."
But when the boys decided that they were watching
it on Friday night, it was hard to resist going.

The script was great. Facial expressions were superb,
little nuances in acting (which i totally digg) were amazing.
Jokes were really funny. The story was strong too. Pretty
layered in my opinion. Quite cool how they fitted it into
1 1/2hrs. So yes, thanks guys, for a lovely Friday evening :D


For majority of the time I was sick I slept
On the floor cos I didn't deal well with heat
and the mattress proved too hot for me. Another
reason was tt my moaning and screams from dealing
with the itch often kept my sisters up. So I moved
out to sleep in the hall.
Months after I started to get better I still
slept in the hall. Moving back to the bedroom
was too scary for me. It reminds me of the time
when I was really sick. The nights when I couldn't
sleep. The nights when I so wanted to end the agony.
the nights when I screamed and begged for God to
deliver me from the affliction. I've said I'll
move back into the room a few times before but
it took too much out of me. Stress and fear.
Tonight I decided it was really time i face this
fear and prepared for the change. Lying on my bed,
looking around the room,fear tried to creep up
on me. I almost cried. But I got a grip on myself
and decided tt I'll not run. So here I am. And I
hope here I'll stay. Pray.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


UMI TO HANABI from daihei shibata on Vimeo.


some buttons we wish we had for life

from the Little Drom Store... geranium scented

to channel the meiyo these are essential

yea... again :)