Thursday, January 27, 2011

i've moved

hey guys, i've moved to a new address, in the virtual sense,
that is. This is where i am now. See you there!!! :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

walking home one night...


bday dinner, belated

bouquet from the Roaring Lambs :)

with love from Spizza :D

with love from the Roaring Lambs

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dressmaking class #01

sketching the dress i chose to make

got myself REAL tailoring scissors

i walked into a room full of ladies tugging on yards of fabric,
working the sewing machines, measuring... Snuck into a seat
at the island in the middle of the room, looked around and grinned.
I thought it'll be a class of maybe 40-somethings but hey hey, the
girls around were mostly my age!

The instructor has 30yrs of experience under her belt. She drew
perfect curves freehand. We dived right into sewing dresses of
our choice, of which most of us weren't prepared for. Fortunately
i had a 'lookbook' album on my iPhone. So i went through it and
chose a dress :)

The instructor took my measurements, drafted out the pattern on
brown paper and pinned it to fabric. All this done in super speed :D

A girl in the intermediate class was sewing a maxi dress... she's cool.
She was very willing to share tips and stuff... i need to be her
friend! awahhahaa... Her nails were painted black... She wore a checked
shirt with ruffles on the chest and skinny jeans. Right up my alley :)

My classmates n i were fast friends. After class, we all walked to
the MRT station together, grabbed bread buns and bubble tea then sat
down to chat a bit. It was lovely. We call ourselves the fashion
buddies :) cheers to our sewing ambitions!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

dressmaking 101

oh boy, i went through quite a bit to get to the
Community Centre to sign myself up for the
dressmaking class. The online registration failed
so i had to head down to do it in person. Bummer.
But i am so glad i did. I think i first thought of
going for classes 2 years ago. So it's high time i
went for it. Classes only happen once a year and i
don't want to regret not going for it again. I have a
things to get to get ready for tomorrow's class.

-1 1/2 yards of cloth
-long ruler
-brown paper
-needles/ thread
-tracing paper

i have most of the stuff on the list so it ain't that bad.
I have a feeling i'll be the youngest in the class... haha!
i think once i get started on sewing clothes i won't be
able to stop. I mean, how cool is it that i'll possibly be able
to look at stuff on the internet and say, "hey, i'll like that."
Then whip it up. I'm excited... oh yea... Classes happen
once a week, 10 sessions in all. oh yeaaaaa...

looking for a case for my G12. and i think i found the
perfect one. This one is by Canon and it's made of soft
brown leather. It comes in 2 parts, top and bottom pieces.
So if i want to keep my camera ready for shooting i can
leave the top off. which i like :) Going to look for it
tomorrow, maybe. i'm excited. got to get an extra
battery pack and a SD card too. mmm... it adds up huh.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Zimoun : Sound Sculptures & Installations | Compilation Video V2.2 from ZIMOUN VIDEO ARCHIVE on Vimeo.

this was so enjoyable to watch AND LISten to! i was grinning
all the way through. I especially love the 25 prepared dc-motors
wire isolated 1.2mm... and the plastic bags one... lovely...
AND the hose with compressed air. DELIGHTFUL!


check this out too. This photographer takes pictures of strangers
touching each other. The strained smiles, the awkward arm across
a shoulder... very interesting.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


we wanted Mos for lunch so bad we went through this to get there

my feet are freezing... doesn't help that the length of jeans
covering my calves are wet. Then i remembered, long long ago...
there was a room above a bakery. And there was this spot in that
room that was warm the whole day cos it's right above the oven.
That warm spot was such a comfort on cold rainy days.
Yea... #02 Gemmill Lane... long long ago.

so i signed myself up for dressmaking classes. Woo Hoo!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SalibMu- True Worshippers

Taken from True Worshipper's 'Glory To Glory' DVD:


Verse 1:
Engkaulah nafasku
Engkaulah sumberku
Dengan kekuatan salibMu
Kudimampukan selalu

Verse 2:
Semua perkaraku
Semua harapanku
Kubawa kepada salibMu
Yang menjadi kekuatanku

SalibMu tlah mengerjakan
Keslamatan yang besar bagiku
Kuberdiri menyaksikan Kau setia
Dan hidup dalamku

Written by Sari Simorangkir

what i wore

MGM lion

found on public school

Monday, January 10, 2011

word of the day


1. The mouth, throat, or stomach of an animal, especially a carnivore.
2. A gaping hole.

oh no... is that what fish maw is?!?!? The film that lines the mouth,
or throat or tummy of a fish?!?! Or, or...OR the tummy, throat, or mouth
of a fish?!?!?! Oh gross... grosssss...

what i wore

to church! yea, tt's my G12 lol!
in church

Saturday, January 8, 2011

scream for ice cream

salted mr brown... my fav from Daily Scoop

it was a party :)

the uber delicious cake my sisters baked



Friday, January 7, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

i need to learn how to deal with disappointments.
Yes...and it always acts up on my birthday... Long story
that one. But yes... i've got to suck it up and move on.
I'm praying it doesn't happen.

like a G12...

 bday prezzie to self

<3  welcome to my world <3

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


diagram by Colin Harman. Found here.

exploring new territory

last night i started on my new freelance project. It
involves packaging so i needed to do a mockup. And
boy did i have fun. After Packaging 101 Crash Course
by Antz, i was set to go. I got out my set-square (yea...
i'm glad i remembered where i stashed it) and borrowed
a mechanical pencil. Then i started measuring, calculating,
drawing... And i constructed draft #01 mockup of a toy
display. *yay* i took 2 hrs :) fell asleep at 3am. Nice
cross training there.

*shout out to Antz, thanks for the crash course. You saved
me ass :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


soooo pretty man.... :D too bad they only have the white one
in singapore... *sighs*

Monday, January 3, 2011

So yes, it's 2011... already. It started pretty quietly. And
calmly. A few frazzled nerves... a little scared. But still
managing. 2011 really feels new... A clean page. But not
with a glossy finish. It's matte. I can't say what it is exactly
that makes me feel like tt. Maybe it's about getting older.
And the new haircut (lol, not!). This dive into the new year
was just calm. It's quiet all around. I wonder what it'll bring
and who i'll become come a year to this day. i quietly
whisper, "2011... bring it on." Put on the shades, prop a leg
up and lean back on my deck chair, all while free falling.

dawn prayer 2011

looks mini fireworks hor

such beauty...

like lace, no?

Teh-O kosong