Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It could be me but it's acutally paul paper

cool tool

Shredding scissors!!! This is so cool right!!! Buy it right here:


Very thrilled by this tutorial... yes... Same Juno look, the easy way!

Monday, November 17, 2008

singapore biennale 2008 #02

2nd trip to the Singapore Biennale... this time with
sis! It was fun. Loads of cam whoring. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Proverbially, you can't....

... have it both ways
...have your cake and eat it
...get blood out of a stone
...make an omelette without breaking eggs
...make a silk purse out of a sow's ear with the hare and hunt with the hounds
...teach an old dog new tricks
...judge a book by its cover
...shake hands with a clenched fist
...tell which way the train went, by looking at the tracks arguements by interrupting speakers
...have a rainbow without rain
...pick up two melons with one hand
...fool all of the people all of the time
...sip soup with a knife
...see the sky through a bamboo tube
...measure the sea with a shell
...cheat an honest man
...catch a cub without going into the tiger's den

-schott's original miscellany, one of my fav books...

This is a teflon coated foot for a sewing machine. And i want it.
It'll make plastic coated fabric glide through. Oh yes. Slide under...
like butter..

hand drawn typography

Hand drawn typo by Chris Piascik. So inspiring!! Got me
sketchbook out and started doodling. Check out more of his
work here:

amazing photographs for sale at blissful images:

singapore biennale 2008

I took a while to take my Converse hightops off then slipped
on bedroom slippers and padded through the white tunnel.
I emerged into a white room and the view took my breath
away... really. I was pretty overwhelmed. The scene demanded
silence so i sat down quietly on the beanbags and just
looked out into the 'distance', mouth agape. It was AMAZING...
i didn't want to leave. An 18 metre long installation by
Hans Op de Beeck, housed inside Shigeru Ban's Containart Pavilion.

I had to dare myself to sit through the whole clip. I never liked
the idea of being in the middle of the sea in a boat... I sat alone
inside a container, watching it. The sound of water sloshing
was quite scary. Then the boat flipped and laid on its side,
vision was half above water, half below. I didn't like it one bit.
Anxious, scared... like i was struggling in the water, drowning.
Almost cried. The boat went bottom up next and it felt slightly
better cos it was quiet and calm underwater. When i lifted the
curtain to step outside, i was SO glad it was over.I was safe, safe
on dry land. Oh boy....
Floating, 2000 by Yuan Goang-Ming.

Never thought i'd dare to be so close to them... They were
SOOOOOO gross. Looking at them in pictures already grossed
me out, made my hair stand on end. Climbing the stairs to
the 3rd floor of city hall, i spotted a maggot. Braced myself for
more and yes, at the top of the stairs, a party of maggots...
twisting, turning... joyous munching... slime dripping...
knees went soft, almost gagged. Tried to bypass them to get
to the other side of the room. It was in vain..there was no other
way. Took a deep breath and stepped between them, praying
they wouldn't slime me. Oh man.... i was squirming so much
inside. But when i was on my way out, i didn't feel as bad. I
even let one of them suck on my shoe. A lady reached down to
pat one of them, but oh no, i wouldn't go so far.
Maggots, 2004 Pham Ngoc Duong

This is me on Woodlands Ave 12. I travelled across Singapore
in 5 sec. I stood on clouds, on the airstrip in Changi, the waters
off PSA. I should have labelled CEFC Woodlands. Didn't think
about that. Argh. Now i want to go back. A real, physical tagging
on a Google Earth map. Now how cool is that.
Singapore, 2008 Wit Pimkanchangapong

this looks so fun ya?! :) by pablo alfieri

pretty pretty :) by ariana pager russell

Caption: Job Koelewijn, Untiteld, 2005
Fotobijschrift: Job Koelewijn, Zonder titel, 2005
i know people who would LURVE to have this in their houses,
oh yeah... :)