Tuesday, August 31, 2010

so pple have been asking me, what was it that worked for you?
( "what helped heal your skin?" Well, it was God Who healed me.
Ok, what meds is it? :P

okay, Doc C.F. enters scene. "You need steriods." So i was given
steriods in oral form. They worked so quick, i was looking better
the following day. Then i downgraded to streriods in cream form.
Tubs, tubes of the stuff were stocked up. Including 500g tubs of
moisturizer. The application of the above was done twice a day.
Morning and night.

Around the same time, i was referred to a nutritionist. My diet was
restricted to mostly fruit and vegetables. I drank an all vege soup
during most meals. I was also on a detox program by New Life

My skin started improving but it was slow. Then a friend
recommended Agel. i took Exo and Umi. Then a miracle... my
skin started clearing rapidly. By the 5th day my skin was all clear.
Oh yea.... :)

So yes pple. That was what happened on my road to recovery.
argh... i'm having trouble loading the pictures
of the weekend party onto my mac. Why huh...

So these will have to do, for now :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

ENT doc has given my mum the all clear :D woo hoo!!!
So after her appointment, dad bought her pork ribs to feast on.
So yes, she can finally have char siew bao (she kept requesting for
char siew baos in her subconscious state after the surgery).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

there's going to be a party this weekend!!! M.E. and i made the
decorations this past sunday and things were looking good.
But the other night, i dreamt that someone cut my bunting right
down the middle. I guess i'm worrying too much about the party.
I think i should just let it go, like Yy said, it's going to be fine.
I'll post pictures after the party so look out for it. Theme colour
is PINK!

watch the trailer here. read about it here.
i'll most probably catch it... love the tone and pace
of the trailer. I bet the movie's going be even better.
Seeing the granny in the movie reminds me of my own.
mum's feeding tube is out. And no, she hasn't seen the doctor, yet. But because
it's causing her too much pain, dad said to take it out. And mum is a happy
lady :) yay. She looks so 'new' without the tube snaking out of her nose.
She's glowing, she's radiant... She's happy. Now she can bathe without
worrying about the tube slipping out. She can eat without having to push
it out of the way of the spoon. She can sleep comfy. And now, the stares will
stop when she goes out.

Next would be the appt at the ENT specialist on Friday. That would be the
real green light to go ahead and eat like the rest of us. Pray for her!!!

the surgery to cover the hole in her skull is scheduled for 5th Oct. She's
not looking forward to it. More tubes, more needles, more lying in a hospital
bed. She's hoping she doesn't need get re-admitted at the rehab place. So
yes, we still need you guys to keep her in prayer. It's been such a journey.
It's almost over. Thank you for journeying along with us so far.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the tube in mum is causing her a lot of pain. Due to abrasion, her
nose has become pretty tender and it's swelling. Dad called the hospital
to ask if her ENT appt can be brought forward. Unfortunately the ENT
doc only comes in once a week so she'll have to wait till Friday. Bummer.

But mum was still in good spirits. She clenched both fists and said, "Must
tahan. I've come this far. Only 2 more days. Must tahan." She's amazing
huh. So strong. i sat there, almost in tears... cos i was so proud of her.
i wanted to hug her. i should have.

Jia you mummy... You can do it. The tube will be out, for sure. And mum,
i'm so so proud of you. For pulling through this... with such courage and
grace. And perseverance. You're an inspiration. I love ya.

And yes, it's true. Just like someone said, " Thanks A, you've taught us
all how it really is to fight."

Monday, August 23, 2010

mum and sis brought Hayley, our cat, to see the vet. The visit really cost us...
My dad said he almost fainted upon hearing the amount. It cost so much to love
the cat man...

and i was reminded... how much it cost Him to love us. God loved us so much He
sent His Son to die in our place. So that we can be reconciled to Him. That was
how much He loved us.

I look at Hayley, walking around the house, lying on the couch, sleeping on the
floor... What can she do for me. Who is she that we should spend our hard earned
money on her. Feeding her is more than enough if we want to be kind. But we
brought her to the vet. We want her treated. We want her healed.

He looks at us... going about our mundane lives. Working, sleeping. Clubbing(for some).
What can we do for Him? Who are we that He should send His Son to die for us.
Giving us life and feeding us is more than enough if He should provide. But He sent
His Son. He wants us to be saved. He wants us to return.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

today, the memory of me entered the consciousness of grandma. So my mum
got me into the room and left us to chat. She'd ask the same questions over
and over so each time i answered my cantonese got more fluent. We talked
about life, and love.... She said she won't be able to see me get married...
i looked into her eyes and gave her arm a playful smack, "Nah, you
will lah." And she laughed.

I really hope she would. My favourite grandparent passed on last March and
i was pretty sad that he won't be at my wedding, if there is one at all. He would
have been so proud. Anyways... so yea, i chatted with grandma for a full 45min.
In halting Cantonese... but the lines were so rehearsed so it was fun. hahhaa...
It was a rare moment we had.

Although we lived in the same house, she mentioned that i didn't visit her
enough. And that i've grown so much since the last time she saw me. I told
her i'd visit her tomorrow and asked if she'd still be in the same place. She said
she wasn't going anywhere. So that was it. Waved goodbye and i left for work.
Would she remember me tonight? Much less tomorrow. Who knows. Her mind
is a cavern... so dark, so deep, it stretches so far back sometimes, she asks for
her mother. So it really was a rare moment i had with her. To be able to chat
with her, make her laugh... Something i thought i'd never be able to do.
Something i would be jealous of when i see other grandma and granddaughter

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i'm back into my skinnies! No problems so far.
Not feeling too heated, not feeling especially itchy.
Woo hoo... boy am i feeling good.

Monday, August 16, 2010

went shopping for stuff for J's baby shower that's happening
next weekend. M.E. went with me and boy am i glad she was
carrying a haversack! I didn't expect the stuff to add up and
weigh so much! It didn't help that my bag was so tiny and my
hands were injured.

Our shopping trip started at Bugis, extended to City Hall and
ended at Queenstown. I was soooo tired and the itch started.
Thank God it was manageable! I took the train home although
cabbing was so tempting. I fell asleep on the train and woke
to the announcement "Ang Moh Kio". I've not missed
Sembawang by that many stops before :( I was that tired. Well
it was my first long shopping trip since Jan so i still need to
build up the stamina to last.

Thank you all for praying. I'm healing very well. Pple have
been saying i look totally healed. But you know, the rash came
back after the shopping trip cos i was exposed to heat and
i got real tired. But nope, i'm not complaining. It's still
manageable. It's not an ounce as bad as it was. So i have
plenty to be thankful for. I just need to keep the itch at bay and
not scratch too much or too hard, if at all.

Friday, August 13, 2010


One and the Same.
Reminds me of the reason why i got myself a Gocco :P
i should start sewing again too... let me find myself a spot
in the house...

and for those who know not what Gocco is...


poketo from jeana sohn on Vimeo.
so whimsical... reminds me of the many afternoons i spent
at #14 Woking Road.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Kueh from Bangawan Solo :P i especially
love kueh kosui...the gula melaka is oh so *yum*.
Goodness bursting in your mouth :D after
appts at SGH, i'll pop over to satisfy my cravings.
2 jiu chen gaos and a box of kueh kosui
(6 balls...only?!)


Friday, August 6, 2010

Recently, i've been watching this MV over and over. Intriguing choreography!
Movements seem to be pushing invisible beats of music, pulling at the
slurs (0:13)(3:05), hitting the staccatos (0:29). Fluid arm movements, swift taps
n slides of feet.

Awesome editing! So uber cool... Off beat cuts, slow-mos... mixture of
wide n CUs shots. Close-ups of the singers where they cock their heads to one
side or wink or wipe saliva (2:40). When there's a wide shot of the group, take
notice of those near the edge of the frame or furtherdown the Z-axis. It's like
they have their own secret moves when the focus isn't on them. The coolest
dancer? The guy with half his head shaven, also knownas Key (1:00). He looks
so cool,i thought of having the hairstyle myself. If i watch it enough, and
eventually learn the moves, i might just attempt animating it. That'll be fun.

Below... the dance video!!! :) perfect for just studying the moves. Wish the BG
was a flat colour though. And that Taemin didn't wear stripes. Stripes are BAD
for video... Video makes stripes go zirttttt.....zirtttt....

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Japanese novelty erasers! Reminds me of my primary school
form teacher. She has in her cupboard really pretty erasers for
giving away as rewards. I, of course, got a few (:P) For the
erasers on this site, we would have helped clean her house
aside from the usual carry-her-books-back-to-her-desk thing.