Monday, December 28, 2009

to all the people who have asked me why i haven't opened shop to sell the stuff i sew:

Still, the challenge is to find balance. 
“What’s the point of doing something you love,” she asked, 
“if you are too exhausted to do what you love?”

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of course you might argue that balance is the key... and that i've not even
dipped my toes into the etsy pie... well...........

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Australian Dairy Company, Hong Kong

 Australian Dairy Company
47 Parkes Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Jordan station, Exit A

This is my favourite place... The breakfast served here is just
lip-smacking. The scrambled eggs were perfect, the toast
was buttered awesomely. The macaroni soup with strips of
ham was light and tasty. The tea was rich and smooth. *oh boy*

Mido Cafe, Hong Kong

63 Temple Street Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
Yau Ma Tei station, Exit C

The Fried Noodles with Sliced Pork is *yum*.
The coffee+tea drink is *yum*too.
I wouldn't recommend the Spare Ribs baked rice though.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hong Kong, December 2009

Tonnes of pictures, loads of food, hours of walking in butt
 freezing temperatures... wait for the onslaught of pictures!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

I was traumatized... I was so mentally exhausted from the marathon,
at lunch i just stared into space over a bowl of sliced fish soup. I have
a phobia of East Coast Park, the single recognizable stretch that
almost killed me. i thought i'll never exit the place. When i saw the
6hr pacers, i wheezed under raspy breath, " I'm counting on you to
get me out of here."

At the 32km mark, there was 10km more to go and i had nothing
left in me. My IT Band was killing me. I wanted to lie on the
ground and have the medics come get me in their super cool SUVs,
but i had already completed 3/4 of the marathon and stopping
here would forever haunt me. I stopped to sit at the side to stretch
many times and let my mind get the best of me. It's tougher
this year cos i recognize the route and i knew i was a far way
off from the finish line. I decided i just had to make it. No other way.
So i plodded. I widened my eyes and tried to smile, psyching
myself that i was in the happiest place and pressed on.

When i hit the 38km mark, i was like, "okay meiyi, just 4km
more to go. Run, you'll get there faster, get it over and done
with." I might have been running at the speed of brisk walking
but i didn't care. I hit Glutton Square at the Esplanade,
1km more to go.

I could hear the MCs chattering, the music blasting and people
cheering. Oh yes, this is what i envisioned when i was dragging
my legs along East Coast Park with Santarina and Mohawk
egging us on. I didn't get a second wind, i didn't get a high to
sprint to the finish, i just dragged myself across the line. Man, this
is the toughest thing i ever did in my life. Both mentally and

I met my family at the WW1 memorial and just collapsed on the
grass, squirmed around a bit even. I did 7min better than last year
which really really surprised me. While running, i thought
i'll clock 8hrs this year.

So this is how my 2nd Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon
went. Will i do it next year? i don't know. For now, i hope my
muscles will obey and bring me to work and still have enough in
them to take me out to lunch and back.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

----pic courtesy of aisha :) thanks babe!

It's just hours before the marathon... Full marathon prep at home.
Championchip attached, check. Favourite socks, check.
Race number tag attached, check. Knee braces, check.
Power gels, check.

I'm psyching myself for the run. I'm not too prepared this year.
I have a dry run in my head and i'm getting the jitters. As the hours
pass, i get the butterflies. The cats are jumping around and on all
our running gear. It's hours before the marathon... i better head
to bed.

I pray i don't get a tummyache on the way to the starting line...
That happens sometimes :P If you any of you are at the East Coast
Maccers at 7 plus... do come out and say hi