Wednesday, April 21, 2010

too much...

i've been eating way too much junk. A whole bag of sultana
biscuits... Char Siew and roasted pork noodles... A cup of
sour plum juice, a bowl of ice kachang, a plate of rojak...
a mini nonya rice dumpling... and i keep going. Stuffing
myself. How sia... why like that. I'm ill, not pregnant. I ran
for the train this morning and my legs felt like lead. I'm
going to die...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

oh rejoice....

i could not see through the shadows ahead
so i looked at the Cross of my Saviour instead
i bowed to the will of my Master that day
then peace came and fears fled away

oh rejoice in the Lord
He makes no mistake
He knoweth the end of each path that i take
for when i am tried
and purified
i shall come forth as gold

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i secretly enjoy watching the flakes fall. The randomness
at which they fall. The place, the speed, the size. Which
explains why sometimes there's an over-scratch, or most

Monday, April 12, 2010

Herose Clinic #02

after i told him all that i went through in the past
month, he was impressed that i did it without the help
or relieve from anti-biotics. Then the doctor told me
the best news ever. The worst was over. REALLY?!
"Your symptoms come quick, go quick. Very different
from others." Wow... and i was bracing myself for May,
which he had predicted would be the worst. Oh wow.
Thank you ALL for covering me with prayer. Really.
God is merciful man... *whew*...

So i made it to church again this past sunday. It took a
lot of effort though. I was itching and feeling pretty
uncomfy. I was very sleepy too cos i couldn't sleep the
night before, which has been the norm. But i made it
to church. After service, i waited by the baptism pool
for my sis. Many friends stopped to chat with me while
i waited. Many stopped to pray for me too. Sooooo
tremendously blessed. One pal held my hands and cried
with me too. You know, this is community. Brothers and
sisters in Christ coming together to uphold each other...

I'm feeling much better now. My skin is happy most times.
I'm going through tubs of moisturizers like crazy. So erm,
anyone knows where to get bigger tubs? My feet and ankles
are swollen. Water retention, can you believe it. Goodness.
The pressure in them when i walk or stand is quite uncomfy.
Now i know how pregnant ladies feel :( My feet look like
balloons with the toes sprayed out at the top. The ankles,
what ankles. My legs are straight all the way down to the
feet. Like how i draw my humanoids.

How can you pray for me? That i keep my sanity. I seem to
be getting better but i'm so tired of the whole skin care
routine. So tired of putting on my moisturizers. So tired of
having to take special baths. So tired of fighting the itch.
Pray that i'll hang on. Constantly looking up, above the storm,
to be still and know that He is God and is in control. To
believe that i will  heal in His time. And everything will
be beautiful. That i will not quit. That i will keep on keeping on.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


this store sells the best fish soup at Maxwell Food Centre.
The best. It's backed up against the indian prata store, right
next the the road opposite the MND building. The fish slices
and fresh and bouncy. The soup is super yummy. During lunch,
the queue is damn long. But it's worth the wait :D I've patronised
them enough to become friends. hee hee... oh, if you're intending
to have it for dinner, be there before 6pm cos they sell out
pretty fast.

Easter sunday

i made it to church today. Yay! and yea, the aircon
in the sanctuary made me shiver like mad. Fortunately
i had a thick shawl with me. It was great to be back.
I missed the worship, the people, the sermons... first song
sung was " is the day You have made, i will rejoice and
be glad in it.... i won't worry about tomorrow, trusting in what
you say, today is the day." i was pretty overcome by emotion
man. Yes, today is the day He has given. And i will rejoice in it.

today is easter. Woo Hoo!! Victory over the grave. Oh 
yea... and today was victory for me too. small one. 
I was determined to go to church. i overcame my fears
and made it. Many people came to pray over me after
service and i was immensely blessed. Thank you all!!!

girl pal and i hit town and pigged out. We had lunch at
The Handburger. I had a Caesar Chicken burger, chunky
mushroom soup and a cup of ice lemon tea. Then we 
proceeded to Mos burger and i had a cup of strawberry
milkshake and we shared a small pack of fries. I couldn't
walk straight after all that food man. Super bloated also
cos i had cups of hot water too. The most fun i've had in 
a while :)