Friday, February 26, 2010

"We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom
that is in it -- and stop there -- lest we be like the cat that sits down
on a hot stove-lid. She will never sit down on a hot stove-lid again,
and that is well; but also she will never sit down on a cold one any

-Mark Twain, author and humorist (1835-1910)

pumped with meds

so the A&E dept made me an appt. with the doc at
the National Skin Centre. It was quite cool that a senior
consultant was around to look at my case. She was just like
Edna Mode. Very calm... very cool, minus the
drone of a voice. It was so assuring to be examined by

So now, i'm on my 3rd course of steriods, taken in a
step-down mode. 4 pills for 4 days, 3 pills for next 4 days,
2 pills.... 1 pill...yea, you get it. I was prescribed new
anti-histamines and the night dosage worked pretty well
at knocking me out. So i got a real good sleep last night!

i'll be seeing the doc at the Skin Centre in 2 weeks' time.
And prayerfully, i get better by then.

Monday, February 22, 2010

why ah?

i've been asked numerous times, " Why your face
so red ah?"

"Eh, you drunk ah?"
"Whoa, bad sunburn huh..."

well pple... it was an allergic reaction. So erm... yea.
Not funny :(  Not that i was offended in anyway. But
sometimes the laughter lasted a little too long. Just
a few seconds shorter would be good yea? Or if you
were observant enough, you might have noticed that
my eyes weren't smiling...

but i thought it funny to be asked if i were drunk in
church on a sunday morning...

The Hand Burger

Floor the Love 2010

Korean Locker,popper, AKA Kin was in Singapore for the event 
Floor the Love 2010. The battles started at 4pm and lasted all the way 
till 10pm. Sis and i stood throughout the event. Our feet hurt, we were 
super thirsty...and hungry and VERY tired. But we just couldn't bear to 
leave. It was quite an experience. It was as if we unlocked a secret vault in 
underground singapore. These kids were good, man. I was very 
impressed. Locking and popping, Old School, House,  Hip Hop...
amazing moves, woo hoo!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010



mutton murtabak... i haven't been able to resist it. Had
it for a meal 2 days in a row. tsk.... but it's so delicious.

Friday, February 19, 2010

sweet dip

breakfast was my new fav. Butter and honey on toast.
And a huge mug of tea. Then mum had an idea. To use
the honey on me. mmmm... i protested like an 8yr old
(so she said). The idea of having food smeared on me
was too crazy. But she persisted. And i let her.

she smeared the honey all over my face, i was of course
squealing with disgust. It was as if your eye-hand co-ordination
failed miserably and knocks the spoon all over your face
with dinner. Then the honey was introduced to the rest
of my body.

you know what, it worked. My skin was happy.
The redness disappeared. The parched look was gone.
It felt like there was a protective layer above it. It was
as if the whole episode of pain and itchiness didn't happen
at all, yea, it was THAT good. I just had to wash it all
off with water. No stickiness was left. Amazing...

So yes everyone, this was an answered prayer. Using pure
honey. God-given medication. Awesome.... Thank you
all for covering me in prayer. And all the well-wishes.

tonight, i'll be coated again. heh... so that i'll get a good
night's sleep. And it'll be repeated tomorrow morning.
Mummy's TLC... i am so blessed!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

trying to keep it cool

 my face flared up over CNY so yea, i had to wear my
wayfarers everywhere. The good thing was that it matched
my mandarin collared top and yes... my iPhone (hee hee!).
So there i was, sitting in church with my shades on. And
i learnt how hostile it can be just by wearing shades. Pple
can't see your eyes so they sort of not dare to make contact.
Very few friends came up to say hi... which puzzled me
quite a bit at the start.

thankfully the swelling reduced as day#1 of CNY passed.
But angry red splotches still plagued my arms, neck & face...

i was so exhausted by the end of the day. Mentally, physically...
I itch quite badly after a whole day out and it's no fun when
i get home. It's hard to refrain from scratching. Then the pain
comes in the shower. It's quite traumatic.

This whole allergic reaction thing is very frustrating.
My already bad eczema got even worse... The pain from water
or cream or medication on my skin bends me over, wincing.
I wish my mind out of my body and it helps to bear it. I was
just telling ma now i know how illness can drive some people
to kill themselves. It's such a release from the pain and suffering.
The mind is so powerful, it can bring you to both extremes.
And i have to guard my mind, my heart and go through it in
His strength. It's so crazy... Sometimes i feel i'm so used to all
this pain and itchiness and the whole routine of creams and
medications that i feel it hard to pray for healing.

i'm going to see a chinese sin seh next week. My uncle who
suffered the same stuff went there and recovered from it so i'm
hoping it'll do the same for me.

I hate being on steriods...My bag is like a first aid kit. Pills and
creams, oils and what not-s. i covet your prayers...

Friday, February 12, 2010


por por is in stable condition, for now. But she
has a massive bedsore and it is causing her a lot
of pain and discomfort. She will be spending
CNY in hospital.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

por por

 i just got news that por por is going to be admitted to hospital.
Mum said she isn't looking good and that we should pray for the
Lord to take her home to ease her suffering. I'm not taking the
news too well. I love my por por a lot. She said she was ready to
go. But i don't know if i'm ready to let her... then again, i love
her and it'll be selfish to hold on.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the camera on my phone isn't working and it's driving
me crazy. It also explains why i haven't had a sketch
posted in a while.

i'm going to buy it soon... i've been holding back for
so long. I don't even know why. Maybe it's the price.
Maybe it's the fact that i'll have to learn to type on
a touch screen. Black or white... most probably black.
With a pink case :)

many people have showed their concerns regarding
my skin condition and i really do appreciate it all.
But there are those who also take it further by
suggesting what i should do. "I think you must
moisturize more." "Must try to stay indoors as much
as you can lor." "Should moisturize more."
"Did you moisturize?" Honestly, it annoys me :P
i mean, i've been plagued by it since 2007 and have
gone to doc after doc. What you know about it,
i experience it. So, please... don't.... tell me to
moisturize...please. I know i'm taking a risk by
posting this. Double-edged sword, my mum said. But
i just felt a need to voice it. What you could do to
show concern: encouragement, a hug (i love hugs),
tell me it's improving, empathy... stuff along those
lines. Just refrain from suggesting methods or
medication or routines. *hugs* all of you who have
showed concern. I'm super touched... really.

Friday, February 5, 2010

gayathri did it...

the spicy lunch i had yesterday at Gayathri's has been
identified as the sole cause of my suffering. Lunch was
butter chicken, mutton curry, butter naans, garlic naans,
cheese naans with chicken curry dip. Tasted so good.
Gayathri, located at the cross junction of telok ayer st.
So yes, no spicy stuff for me. Nothing that excites
the taste buds :( man! Well, it just means that i should
stick to sliced fish soup. Not that i'm complaining :D

Thursday, February 4, 2010

day #3

hmmm... i didn't get to sleep last night, again.
Fell asleep only when the sun started to rise. It's
quite annoying. The swelling on my face has gone
down considerably, praise the Lord. The only thing
is that the bridge of my nose is still puffy, making
me look like one of the blue aliens in Avatar. Skin
is still reddish in most places, looking like a badly
sunburnt person.

the craziness started after lunch. I itched pretty
badly. I was slapping on the 'mum-loves-me' oil
like crazy, scraping the bottom of the container for
more moisturizer. I don't know what triggered it.
The heat? Lunch? I just hope it goes away soon.
It's so itchy, i'm shivering...

But, thank you all for keeping me in prayer. *hugs*
to all of you. I'm just so glad my face is clearing up.
i'm good. i'll be fine :)

blue wayfarers

today is day #2 behind shades. It's amazing how isolated
you can feel behind them with your iPod blasting music
through those amazing sound-isolation in-ear buds. The
world-movie played with my choice of music.

i realised how automatic my going to work could be.
Board train, alight, cross the platform, board connecting
train. Alight, step on escalator, tap card, turn left... i only
take off my shades and pull the buds out when i get to
the office. The silence really hits you when you do that.

My condition has spread and did the very thing i was
so afraid it would. Before this, i took it for granted. The
very fact that i could hold my head high and stare right at
people without any insecurities... That was precious.
I never thought much about it until it was taken away.
Then the voice on my iPod sang-

" God of my salvation.
Lifter of my head."

LIFTER OF MY HEAD!!! oh wow... that has never rung so
clear and true before. The Lord reminded me that i am
His creation. I am beautiful in His sight. He is my portion.
Why should i fear. Another song played-

"For i know that my Redeemer lives
And His love for me will never fail

My heart, my flesh will fade away.
But with my eyes i'll see my God."

This body will not last. I've seen how it burnt for an hour
to become a heap of bone and dust, then contained in a big
plastic box. A man will carry 'you' (your bones n ash) and usher
your family into a room. Here he spreads a white cotton cloth
on a table and picks at you. "These are his skull fragments."
Your family members will be craning their necks for a
better look. " Ribs... This is most probably his hip joint.."
The whole process of ash collection is getting too familiar
for my liking. But it further drives home the fact that
this body doesn't last. It's just a shell. So yea... my present
condition has reminded me that too.

God has been merciful. The swelling has largely subsided.
The meds seem to be working pretty well. His grace is
enough for me. I'll get through this with His strength, not
my own. He causes the meds to work, nothing else. Like
the verse said that the farmer can water the plant day after
day. But it is God who causes it to grow.

All this, at the end of day #2 behind my shades. My God is
an awesome God. You should get to know Him too. He will
blow your mind.

"This world is not my home
i'm just a-passing through.
My treasures are laid up
Somewhere beyond the blue.
The angels beckon me from heaven's open door.
And i can't feel at home in this world anymore."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the AMPs

i've heard of the AMPs (Ang Moh Pai-s). But this is the first
time i've heard their music. Especially love the song 拭目以待.
But erm, wad does it mean? lol... Listening to the songs makes
the lead vocal even more appealing :P oh yeaaaaa... (and yes
Caroline, he's definitely NOT your type.. lol...)

Key: B
Capo 4 - Play G
G           D/F#           A          C
第一次的過失 才發現 心中有把真理的尺
G           A          C
G           D/F#           A          C
每一次的得失 決定著 我明天是什麼樣子
Fmaj7               C/E 
塞滿理想的城市 淚水變成了奢侈
Eb         Bb          G    
            Cmaj7           G/B
* 我願意拭目以待 去等待每份色彩
Cmaj7          Fmaj7 D
   Cmaj7            G/B
時間是個郵差 按時遞送題材
Fmaj7        C D        C
我的夢我主宰 你最明白
Cmaj7           G/B
拭目以待 去期待每份精彩
Cmaj7           Fmaj7 D
拭目以待 那是怎樣的未來
   Cmaj7            G/B
我用雙手撐開 天空 每片的陰霾 
Fmaj7        C D        G
我的夢我主宰 風雨不改

chords and lyrics via chords haven