Saturday, November 13, 2010

these days

currently working on the animated segment of a play
that will happen over Christmas. It's been a while since
i've animated anything. (work isn't really what i'd call
animation). Time is running out and i'm getting a little
anxious. I only have weekends to work on it so not much
time, i have till 6th dec. I knew i just had to really get down
to doing it and it'll pan out ok (fingers crossed).

i've managed to find a sweet spot to work in at last. Posture
was good, i didn't feel claustrophobic. i was comfy. Ever
since grandma and helper moved in, i don't have a space
to call my own so the conditions weren't very conducive
to productivity. So i'm really glad i found a spot and i managed
to sit here for 4hrs straight. YAY!!! i get distracted easily. Esp
by hunger *sigh*...

so yes, the progress is slow but good. Pray for me. That i'll
finish it in time. And in the process, find gems of lessons.
All for His glory. yes yes... For Him.

And oh, my right thumb and wrist aren't doing well. As you
might know i injured it while i was sick so it was further
aggravated by the constant use of the mouse. Fortunately i
managed to loan a tablet. (my old one died... need funds
to get a new one). Pray that the hand holds up till this project
is done. Don't worry abt me not taking breaks though, my
tummy has been tasked with that. haha!!!


stArrs said...

might need ur remedy.. my rash is back with a vengence.. stupid aussie sun~

meiyi said...

ohhh... i think i'll pass you a few tubes of the stuff i have to take back to aust.