Monday, May 31, 2010

special diet...

i've been placed on a restricted diet. And oh man, you wouldn't believe
what i can't eat. It's so bad it's easier to tell you what i CAN eat. Fruits and
vege. Well, at least i like boiled broccoli. And potatoes. But no ice cream,
no cake, no bread, no kaya and jam. No milo.... HOw sia. "3 months... hang
in there". That's what doc said. With tears in my eyes i nodded... And wished
away the food i've been loving. WHat will i have for breakfast in place
of kaya toast and tea with milk or milo? I had orange and carrot juice today.
After which i felt a little sick :( WHat will i have for lunch in place of pork
chop, vege in oyster sauce and all the other wonderful stuff? I had boiled
broccoli and potato today. Like i said, at least i like them. WHat about
tomorrow? and the day after? I can't eat the same o same o.... and what, no
ice cream?!?! :(
my mum had an aneurysm and was rushed to hospital. Today is day 9
in hospital for her. Keep her in prayer. THanks!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

the itch today was quite bad :( fortunately, i was in the office
so i couldn't really scream and wiggle like i can at home so in
a way it was under control. But the scratching was bad... :(
i had to go have a short bath and apply medication. And boy
did the medication sting cos of the wounds. Sigh...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

instant pics off the Lomo LCA?!?! Oh my goodnesssss... It works with the Fuji Instax
film man. I couldn't believe my eyes... THe scary part though, is that in order to fix this
onto the LCA, you have to unscrew the back cover of your LCA. YEA! :( i don't like
the idea. But hey, wow, you get instant pics man. If you dare screw off the back cover
and have loads of dough to spare. uh huh... this doesn't come cheap at all. This goes onto
my wishlist, i think...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

half full

Getting Mac Doodies to deliver your food is so tempting
these days what with the crazy heat. So that's what we did
for lunch the other day. It arrived with the packets of fries
half filled. No one messes with my food. So i called the number
they provided for giving feedback. The guy was apologetic leh.
Wow... and he said that if i could wait 20min, they'll send me
a second batch of fries. I was very impressed. And so the fries
arrived. Packets packed to the brim, piping hot. Yay to Mac
Doodies Delivery!!!

Herose Clinic #3

Swelling in feet has gone down a whole lot! yay :) but according to a simple
test, my skin is still not fully normal. You know how you get a red streak if you
scratch your skin with say, a ruler's edge? My skin reacts differently. No red streak.
It stays white :( Doc says i can't use QV moisturizer... which means i have to look
for an alternative :( which means more trials of stuff... i dont like!!! Vaseline is
a big no no too... i developed a rash after using it. Or so it seems. I blame Vaseline
for now. hah. So yes, i'm trying to cope with the rash now. small red spots on
my arms, legs n torso. sigh. I've had to wear super light and airy clothes to work
recently cos of the crazy heat. Tank top and super flowy skirt. Wearing them, i
feel like i'm on vacation! :D

Due to all the scratching, my nails and hands have suffered much. It's pretty amazing
how they broke down slowly after all that friction. My nails have been filed so short
they hurt when i scratch now. My left wrist and thumb hurt so bad i can't lift or grip
stuff. Pain is emerging from my right wrist too so i'm trying to keep scratching at bay.
Man... one problem after another. I sort of asked for it la... Not supposed to scratch
but it's so hard to stop. I know, it can be done but sometimes things just go out of
control, you know.... The other day, i had to blast worship songs to calm myself
down and tried to sing them through my tears. It was a pretty good worship session
i tell you. HAh! Thank you Lord.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

food glorious food

strawberry flavoured love letters from Maxwell food market. The best.... $12 for a Kg.

delicious fish soup from stall 66 Maxwell food centre. The best... :D there are a few fish soup stalls at Maxwell but trust me. This is THE best. Yes, i've tried them all.

paper towels to soak up pus while i sleep.
Fortunately this doesn't happen very often.

this time i brought Mum there and she was impressed with the food... :D 
mummy approved so it must be good. They have lovely mushroom soup 
and the ice lemon tea is amazing.

yummy chicken bao from 7-11... $1.40 worth of goodness... oh yea...

another day at the office