Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I've gotten back to drawing. And i feel so complete! Writing is one avenue. Drawing is another. And yes... i feel so happy now. Drawing and writing at the end of a day helps release a lot of anger/ happiness/ hunger/ sadness/ regret. Yes yes. And thanks to a dear friend who gave me a sketchbook for my birthday this year. I didn't get down to using it till a few days ago. And i've not stopped sketching since. I love drawing with my red pencil. Okay, it's left over from my art school days. As animation majors, we had blue and red pencils aside from the usual black. I love the red. Quite a bit. heh.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Blog i chanced upon while mucking around on my rest day while nursing a fever. Very cute sewing blog. Cute couple with cute kids. I present to you Welcome to the Good Life.


this is so cool! As seen on Design Taxi. Designed by Designers Bae Su-Kyoo and Noh Haeun. An indentation on the plastic cap of a cup that allows you to put your ketchup in. Makes eating and drinking on the go much more convenient too!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


i've signed up for the Standard Chartered Marathon. Yep. So yes, training has to go many notches up. But i've been falling ill...  damn flu. I'm home today nursing a fever. I'm tempted to go for a run this evening but i've heard of people who've died from exercising while ill. So erm, don't wanna risk it. See you at the starting line!

mind space

These are mid-century modern designer chairs... *swoon*

In case you were wondering, i've moved from animation to interior designing. And i've had to do research on stuff of the like.

It's been fun, being able to identify furniture in stores to suit certain concepts. My favourite? Scandinavian, New York Loft stuff. Which was suddenly all the rage.

Ok, here's a little publicity for my firm. Our site is under reno works so bear with the simplicity of the stand-in. Should you visit Maison Ikkoku Cafe on Kandahar Street, have a peek at my nicely done ground-floor office space near YKK.


i chanced upon this awesome blog just yesterday. Loads of DIY projects to get your creative juices flowing and those molecules shifting and vibrating with excitement.

One of my favourite posts is the one on Mid-Century Modern stuff. Spotting elements of George Nelson's Ball and Asterisk clocks amoung other things.

So check it out!


Hi guys...
i've decided to resurrect this blog. hah! Will continue to post crafty stuff, rants, shout outs to events, introduce cool artists, crafters.... etc etc. Hello world, and you say, welcome back.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

i've moved

hey guys, i've moved to a new address, in the virtual sense,
that is. This is where i am now. See you there!!! :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

walking home one night...


bday dinner, belated

bouquet from the Roaring Lambs :)

with love from Spizza :D

with love from the Roaring Lambs

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dressmaking class #01

sketching the dress i chose to make

got myself REAL tailoring scissors

i walked into a room full of ladies tugging on yards of fabric,
working the sewing machines, measuring... Snuck into a seat
at the island in the middle of the room, looked around and grinned.
I thought it'll be a class of maybe 40-somethings but hey hey, the
girls around were mostly my age!

The instructor has 30yrs of experience under her belt. She drew
perfect curves freehand. We dived right into sewing dresses of
our choice, of which most of us weren't prepared for. Fortunately
i had a 'lookbook' album on my iPhone. So i went through it and
chose a dress :)

The instructor took my measurements, drafted out the pattern on
brown paper and pinned it to fabric. All this done in super speed :D

A girl in the intermediate class was sewing a maxi dress... she's cool.
She was very willing to share tips and stuff... i need to be her
friend! awahhahaa... Her nails were painted black... She wore a checked
shirt with ruffles on the chest and skinny jeans. Right up my alley :)

My classmates n i were fast friends. After class, we all walked to
the MRT station together, grabbed bread buns and bubble tea then sat
down to chat a bit. It was lovely. We call ourselves the fashion
buddies :) cheers to our sewing ambitions!!!