Friday, February 19, 2010

sweet dip

breakfast was my new fav. Butter and honey on toast.
And a huge mug of tea. Then mum had an idea. To use
the honey on me. mmmm... i protested like an 8yr old
(so she said). The idea of having food smeared on me
was too crazy. But she persisted. And i let her.

she smeared the honey all over my face, i was of course
squealing with disgust. It was as if your eye-hand co-ordination
failed miserably and knocks the spoon all over your face
with dinner. Then the honey was introduced to the rest
of my body.

you know what, it worked. My skin was happy.
The redness disappeared. The parched look was gone.
It felt like there was a protective layer above it. It was
as if the whole episode of pain and itchiness didn't happen
at all, yea, it was THAT good. I just had to wash it all
off with water. No stickiness was left. Amazing...

So yes everyone, this was an answered prayer. Using pure
honey. God-given medication. Awesome.... Thank you
all for covering me in prayer. And all the well-wishes.

tonight, i'll be coated again. heh... so that i'll get a good
night's sleep. And it'll be repeated tomorrow morning.
Mummy's TLC... i am so blessed!!!

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