Friday, February 26, 2010

pumped with meds

so the A&E dept made me an appt. with the doc at
the National Skin Centre. It was quite cool that a senior
consultant was around to look at my case. She was just like
Edna Mode. Very calm... very cool, minus the
drone of a voice. It was so assuring to be examined by

So now, i'm on my 3rd course of steriods, taken in a
step-down mode. 4 pills for 4 days, 3 pills for next 4 days,
2 pills.... 1 pill...yea, you get it. I was prescribed new
anti-histamines and the night dosage worked pretty well
at knocking me out. So i got a real good sleep last night!

i'll be seeing the doc at the Skin Centre in 2 weeks' time.
And prayerfully, i get better by then.

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