Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the camera on my phone isn't working and it's driving
me crazy. It also explains why i haven't had a sketch
posted in a while.

i'm going to buy it soon... i've been holding back for
so long. I don't even know why. Maybe it's the price.
Maybe it's the fact that i'll have to learn to type on
a touch screen. Black or white... most probably black.
With a pink case :)

many people have showed their concerns regarding
my skin condition and i really do appreciate it all.
But there are those who also take it further by
suggesting what i should do. "I think you must
moisturize more." "Must try to stay indoors as much
as you can lor." "Should moisturize more."
"Did you moisturize?" Honestly, it annoys me :P
i mean, i've been plagued by it since 2007 and have
gone to doc after doc. What you know about it,
i experience it. So, please... don't.... tell me to
moisturize...please. I know i'm taking a risk by
posting this. Double-edged sword, my mum said. But
i just felt a need to voice it. What you could do to
show concern: encouragement, a hug (i love hugs),
tell me it's improving, empathy... stuff along those
lines. Just refrain from suggesting methods or
medication or routines. *hugs* all of you who have
showed concern. I'm super touched... really.

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