Wednesday, July 21, 2010

as you would have known, the eczema has spread to my scalp
and it itches like mad. But i try not to scratch cos it'll look like
i've got a major dandruff problem :( Got a haircut recently,
it was decided on the day itself. I was desperate. My hair was
in a mess and the itch made matters worse so yea, i got 3 inches
chopped off.

Now, my hair is falling out at alarming amounts. Clumps...
It's very distressing... I was sobbing as i washed my hair.
Everytime i stroked it, clumps fell out. They fell to the floor...
in swirls, then floated towards the water draining area. Nooo...
i came out of the shower and sat on a stool, sobbing... desperate.
Not knowing what to do next... "i trust tricocare..." really?
Do i need to seek treatment? I mean, another doctor? More
medication? More appointments? Mum said to shave it all off.
I toyed with the idea and surprisingly i was pretty ok with the
idea. I mean, Mum had it all shaved off for the surgery and it
grew back pretty quick. She'll have a mane by Christmas.
So if i shaved mine now i won't be too far behind her....

My wrists and thumbs are injured pretty badly. Especially the
right one. I feel the pain even when i sleep. Where's XY when
i need her.... i need her to tape it so it won't get worse. I don't
want to see another doctor. I might just go buy a thumb guard.
But it'll cost quite a bit. $30.... you might think it a small amt.
But when all the medical bills add up, oh boy.... it pinches
however little.

i've been cabbing a little too much. Too spoilt. I had better stop
before i get too used to it and forget how to get home via public
transport. Sigh....

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