Tuesday, March 30, 2010

morning mess...

today i woke up to find my shirt stained with pus.
My neck was wet with pus, my legs were sticky
with pus. Argh... i must have scratched too much
in my sleeping state. I really hate mornings like that.
The sickly sweet smell of pus swirled around. Mum
came in to check on me, just as she has been since my
condition got worse. Looking at my stained tee, she
frowned, then hurried me to get up for breakfast and
left. I fell asleep after she left. Not wanting to face
the mess i created. My hair was crusted with pus,
tangled. My bedsheets smelled of that sick sweetness.
I hate mornings like that. But God gave me a song.

"this is the day, that the Lord has made. I will rejoice
and celebrate." oh really? Indeed He has. Otherwise
i'd be up in heaven (which i'd prefer...). So since He
has given me today and since He doesn't give His
children bad stuff, today must be worth getting up for.
So i did.

but i took a while to slather on the honey for my honey
bath. I feared the pain. I was annoyed with the whole
routine. I was tired of having to take such unpleasant
baths. So everyone, please appreciate how easy and
enjoyable your bathtimes are. I never knew till now.
The honey was slapped on at last and the pain seared
through my body. The skin on my neck, back, arms
burned. But i held on to the fact that after this, my skin
will feel slightly happier.

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