Wednesday, March 3, 2010

breaking point

before, i was soaring above the clouds. What came
after hit me by surprise. The smell of the moisturizers,
oils and stuff annoyed me. My skin hurt worse than
before. The cold made me shiver despite wearing a
jacket. The itch was gnawing at me everywhere. The
angry red splotches on my legs and skin flakes from
my neck in my hair was anything but comfort. i couldn't
function. I took longer than usual to perform a task at
work. Then it came. The tears started to flow. I was tired...
i've had enough... i craved for a release from this physical
state. I tried to remember what i meditated upon this
morning but it made me cry even harder. I don't know
what overcame me... I want to go home. Mum's not cooking.

1 comment:

stArrs said...

meow.. i thot the honey was working.. not anymore? will keep praying for u..