Friday, March 19, 2010

1st wave

so now my skin is so tight... i can't turn my head much.
Nor can my mouth open wide enough to eat normal food.
The smell of pus is constantly lingering. yea i know, it's
gross. But that's how it's been.

This is my morning routine:
wake up, either to super dry parched skin or wounded
skin. Will myself to sit up. Dust the sheets, grab the
vaccuum cleaner to clean up all the dead skin that flaked
off during the night. Walk out, shivering, groaning. Then
try and have breakfast. Try cos sometimes my mouth
can't open wide enough to eat bread. If that's the case
i'll have to have my honey bath first. The honey bath
requires all my will and strength to take place. The honey
bites sometimes and the pain can be pretty unbearable.
Sitting there soaked in honey and pain isn't fun. Then
wash the honey off with 'Diamond' water that my
lovely neighbour supplies. Washing off is painful too.
Then quickly dry myself and get the oils and creams
slathered onto my skin before it dries out. The whole
routine take about an hour. Maybe more. Like today.
I just couldn't bring myself to slap the honey on. I don't
know why. Fear of the pain? Frustration with the whole
routine? So i just sat there, drifting in and out and sleep.
I seldom have a good night's sleep cos of the itch and
irritation and yea, the pus.

So that is my morning routine. The night one is almost
the same. Sometimes i pop an anti-histamine or 2
to give me hope of a good night's sleep. And last night
was one of those.

today, my face is swollen, again. Eyes droopy. Ears lobes
hardened. Mouth only opening 2 cm, max. Did i tell you
how the skin around my mouth split when i tried to eat
my fish fillet? Yea... and the pain... goodness! The skin
cracked up and bled. It looked like veins streaking from
my mouth up to my cheek bones. Not pretty.

So lunch today was a bottle of milk, a bottle of yoghurt
and a chocolate bar. Safe. I'm going to the doctor's later
for a course of anti-biotic jabs. I hope it helps to bring the
swelling down. Pray for me!

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