Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter sunday

i made it to church today. Yay! and yea, the aircon
in the sanctuary made me shiver like mad. Fortunately
i had a thick shawl with me. It was great to be back.
I missed the worship, the people, the sermons... first song
sung was " is the day You have made, i will rejoice and
be glad in it.... i won't worry about tomorrow, trusting in what
you say, today is the day." i was pretty overcome by emotion
man. Yes, today is the day He has given. And i will rejoice in it.

today is easter. Woo Hoo!! Victory over the grave. Oh 
yea... and today was victory for me too. small one. 
I was determined to go to church. i overcame my fears
and made it. Many people came to pray over me after
service and i was immensely blessed. Thank you all!!!

girl pal and i hit town and pigged out. We had lunch at
The Handburger. I had a Caesar Chicken burger, chunky
mushroom soup and a cup of ice lemon tea. Then we 
proceeded to Mos burger and i had a cup of strawberry
milkshake and we shared a small pack of fries. I couldn't
walk straight after all that food man. Super bloated also
cos i had cups of hot water too. The most fun i've had in 
a while :)

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