Friday, January 15, 2010

sweaky clean, w sparkles

"What? You didn't watch MTV in the 90s?! What? You've never
heard the Smashing Pumpkins? What? The only MJ song you knew
as a kid was Heal the World?"

For a sec, i wondered if i missed out. Then i knew if i didn't,
i wouldn't be who i am today. So, so what if i did.

There were others too...
"What? You've never tried smoking? What? You've never tried
stealing candy from a store? What? You've never played truant?"

*no offense to those who were in the car tt night. This realization
was nothing new. Just amplified.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are fine the way you are. And I like you for that!!
So what if they have watched MTV? What is smashing pumpkins?

Well you know how to sew and very well at that. You know the coolest blog that I click every now and then.