Friday, January 22, 2010

ann siang hill

The girls and i met one evening to hit the art fart stores
on Ann Siang Hill.

We went to Woods in the Books first. I was pretty
overwhelmed by all the books man. They sell picture books
for kids and adults. And boy did i get a good serving
of Quinten Blake there :D  I especially liked a book
entitled Waves.

Then we headed to The Little Drom Store which was tucked
in the loveliest corner. It's opposite the Screening Room,
away from the street. The store was perfect. I loved everything
about it. Kki is a patisserie that shares the space and it made 
the place smell soooo good. I was given a tiny chocolate 
hazelnut cookie to sample. It was goooood! I was told the 
cheesecake is good so i'll make sure to try that the next time
i visit. I like savoury stuff better :)

              Stanley of The Little Drom Store & me!

So do explore Ann Siang Hill. The vibe there is pretty cool.
Visit The Asylum, Polymath and Crust @ No. 86 Club Street
Singapore 069454 and  Books Actually

There are also lifestyle stores there of names which i 
suddenly can't recall.... hmmm... I know EGG3 and 
Style Nordic are there...And a few others lah. Go explore!
Maybe have a meal before the exploration at Maxwell Food
Centre. The fish soup there is *yum* My favourite fish soup
store is located along Kadayanallur St, backed up behind
the Indian prata store.

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Lovespell_81 said...

hello, thank you so much for posting this! The information was helpful :) My friend and I are going exploring at Ann Siang Hill today. And now your post has got me excited to visit the bookstores there!