Tuesday, August 31, 2010

so pple have been asking me, what was it that worked for you?
( "what helped heal your skin?" Well, it was God Who healed me.
Ok, what meds is it? :P

okay, Doc C.F. enters scene. "You need steriods." So i was given
steriods in oral form. They worked so quick, i was looking better
the following day. Then i downgraded to streriods in cream form.
Tubs, tubes of the stuff were stocked up. Including 500g tubs of
moisturizer. The application of the above was done twice a day.
Morning and night.

Around the same time, i was referred to a nutritionist. My diet was
restricted to mostly fruit and vegetables. I drank an all vege soup
during most meals. I was also on a detox program by New Life

My skin started improving but it was slow. Then a friend
recommended Agel. i took Exo and Umi. Then a miracle... my
skin started clearing rapidly. By the 5th day my skin was all clear.
Oh yea.... :)

So yes pple. That was what happened on my road to recovery.


cherbie said...

i hear that vit a and zinc are good for skin repair, too. but i guess that's more for acne...

gd to hear things are loads better.


stArrs said...

funny.. u know i almost did the agel MLM thingy 3years back..