Monday, May 31, 2010

special diet...

i've been placed on a restricted diet. And oh man, you wouldn't believe
what i can't eat. It's so bad it's easier to tell you what i CAN eat. Fruits and
vege. Well, at least i like boiled broccoli. And potatoes. But no ice cream,
no cake, no bread, no kaya and jam. No milo.... HOw sia. "3 months... hang
in there". That's what doc said. With tears in my eyes i nodded... And wished
away the food i've been loving. WHat will i have for breakfast in place
of kaya toast and tea with milk or milo? I had orange and carrot juice today.
After which i felt a little sick :( WHat will i have for lunch in place of pork
chop, vege in oyster sauce and all the other wonderful stuff? I had boiled
broccoli and potato today. Like i said, at least i like them. WHat about
tomorrow? and the day after? I can't eat the same o same o.... and what, no
ice cream?!?! :(

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Shawn said...

Hey! I stumbled upon your blog while googling books actually. Do you rmb the geeky poly mate who worked on FYP with ya?