Saturday, December 5, 2009

----pic courtesy of aisha :) thanks babe!

It's just hours before the marathon... Full marathon prep at home.
Championchip attached, check. Favourite socks, check.
Race number tag attached, check. Knee braces, check.
Power gels, check.

I'm psyching myself for the run. I'm not too prepared this year.
I have a dry run in my head and i'm getting the jitters. As the hours
pass, i get the butterflies. The cats are jumping around and on all
our running gear. It's hours before the marathon... i better head
to bed.

I pray i don't get a tummyache on the way to the starting line...
That happens sometimes :P If you any of you are at the East Coast
Maccers at 7 plus... do come out and say hi

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